shawnyeagerdotorg-deactivated20 said: Problem: "Nashville is run by the good ole boys network." Solution: We need to elevate initiatives like Women in Technology (WIT) and create local versions of groups like Ladies Learning Code. Demonstrations of diversity – not just lip service to it – are critical to attracting talent.



shawnyeagerdotorg-deactivated20 said: Problem: The perception that Nashville is "a bunch of hillbillies." Solution: We need our version of "Keep it weird, Austin" – a rallying cry and a fearless declaration of and support for difference.

Good idea!!


shawnyeagerdotorg-deactivated20 said: As noted at Techville, what a warm intro and a firm handshake will do for you in this city is remarkable. Having recently returned after over a decade spent in major North American cities, the (re)connections I was able to make in just a few weeks back amazed me. This is an asset that's likely under appreciated and underutilized. Developing ways to accelerate connections person-to-person and business-to-business could create real differentiation, from finding co-founders to first customers.

great idea Shawn!


WRONG - The fact that we have a state governor who let this happen: http://nyti.ms/KfJvEv

Tennessee received some terrible national exposure from this story and it only furthered the stereotype that we live in a backwards state. In reality, Nashville is anything but backwards and we need to show the world that our city is filled with smart, open-minded people who refuse to support such nonsense. The future of Nashville is in the hands of these young minds and we should be teaching TRUTH in the classroom.


Tax unFriendliness

The State of TN says web development is taxable. Questionable, but OK, fine. If so, the problem is the audit dept says it’s delivered when it is placed on a server. So if the server is in TN, it’s taxable. That means out of state clients are subject to TN tax if hosting is in TN, (which they will refuse to pay). Solution: Move all your hosting out of TN and never charge tax on development again. Stupid legislation because it sends tech jobs away.


Top three slides from today’s preso


Nix the name Techville

Not sure Techville is true to who we are and where we are going as an innovation + investment community. Tons of smart branding folks in town. If none of them are available, Lewis would be honored to help. See the Good - GB


theferf said: I like to think Im in touch with the tech scene in Nashville. However, I never know when events are going on. I have tried to subscribe to every list possible, but only find out as events are happening (like #techville) because people are there tweeting about it. Is the NTC supposed to be the home of this? Are there other initiatives going on? How can I help people find out about what Nashville is doing, Im happy to jump in.

Ferf, seems like is a problem and an opp…. too much opp, too little time… but we do need a clearinghouse.  and, cooperation.


kiddredd said: WRONG: too much echo chamber in Nashville. Same old faces at these things. How can we get more people from the wide world here to speak, share and participate? Think big. I'd rather see Nancy Duarte here for 15 minutes than spend a whole day at another xxxxCamp.

Thanks for the comment KR!


Welcome, if you have an idea for either 1. what’s wrong with tech in Nashville (if you do this one, give a solution to the problem), or 2. what’s right with tech in Nashville, or 3. you just want to write a vision of what could be, this is the place!

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